Advice 3-18yrs

Advice 3-18yrs From Dental Smile

Food and Drink:

Consume sugary foods and drinks around mealtimes.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks the before bed. As the saliva flow Reduce over the night, teeth can decay at a faster rate.

Sugar free medicines has recommended above those with sugar.


Tooth brushing:

Supervised toothbrushing should be till the age of 8

Use small peas sized amount of tooth paste and spit out.

Avoid swallowing toothpaste as this can lead to excess fluoride intake permanent teeth into.

Spit out toothpaste INSTEAD OF rinsing.

The longer fluoride is over the teeth, the more it protects them.



Routine dental checks reduce the Need for fillings in the long run

Regular fluoride application on teeth by the dentist or therapist help strengthen teeth against tooth decay.