Historical Index


May – Volume 1 Number 0

Editorial: Mario Lendini
DDS Smile, a project in progress.
(p. 04)

Periodontics: Roberto Abundo MD DDS, Giuseppe Corrente MD DDS
Evoluzion of the concept of perimplantary bone regenetation: molecular approach using morphogenetic proteins (BMP).
(pp. 05-09)

Restorative Dentistry: Giorgio Tessore MD DDS
Are silver amalgam restorations bad for patient’s health?
(pp. 10-16)

September – Volume 1 Number 1

Endodontics: Carlo Sobrero MD DDS
Retrospective considerations about 6 years clinical endodontics with thermoplasticized dental gutta-percha.
(pp. 24-27)

Periodontics: Daniele Cardaropoli DDS, Roberto Abundo MD DDS, Giuseppe Corrente MD DDS
Follow-up of osseointegrated implants with bone regenerative procedures.
(pp. 28-36)


December – Volume 1 Number 2

Editorial: M.Lendini
Smile, continuing evolution.
(p. 43)

Endodontics: G.Gambarini
Flexibility of Profile Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments.
(pp. 45-51)

Endodontics: J. Laszkiewicz, G.Gambarini
The Effect of Rotational Speed on Cyclic Failure of Profile .04 taper, Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments.
(pp. 52-58)

Endodontics: M. De Luca, G.Gambarini, G.Pongione, M.Bossù
Smear Layer Removal Using Profile .04 and .06 Tapers Rrotary Instrumentation: a SEM Study.
(pp. 59-67)

Periodontics: A. Cagna, G.L. Princi
Cigarette Smoke As a Risk Factor of Periodontal Disease. A Rewiew.
(pp. 68-85)


April – Volume 2 Number 1

December – Volume 2 Number 2/3


April – Volume 3 Number 1

December – Volume 3 Number 2